Submit fifty pages of text to me, with a brief covering letter and a one page synopsis. This initial service will be charged at a standard £80. I will provide you with a formatted report which will cover the main features of a novel; characterisation, narrative flow and pace, narrative voice, dialogue, plotting, scene setting and writing style. That should help you to focus on those areas which may need extra attention. I will also provide you with some general advice on how to approach agents and publishers, and a Reading List to help you in the self editing process. Your submission must be via email with the required fifty pages attached as a Word file. I will reply within 10 working days.

I also offer a bespoke editorial service which would involve substantive editing. This might involve helping in shaping the novel, and will in no way interfere with your particular “voice”. I never attempt to change the authorial voice, because that is what will make your novel yours, and yours alone. This service is offered via email correspondence and, where appropriate, supplemented by telephone contact. The cost of this service will depend on the length of the novel and whether partial or full assessment is warranted. Minimum cost would be £250, rising to a maximum of £650

This service is offered to authors, agents and publishers alike.


Because of the specialized process for the submission of non fiction proposals, I would like said proposal forwarded to me in Word format, including research detail, if appropriate, specialist knowledge of author, intended market., contents page and sample chapter. I would then provide feedback on the format, wording and presentation of same, likely readership and potential publishers. If the proposal is particularly strong, with good supportive evidence and research, and is well written, I may be able to effect introductions immediately. A basic fee of £80 is charged for this feedback and advisory service.

This service is provided for authors who have completed their manuscript, and are confidently ready to submit their work to literary agents and publishers for consideration. This service will involve you sending the complete manuscript, together with a one page Synopsis, and a covering letter, which will detail your writing history to date.

I will then review the manuscript as a whole, and provide a detailed feedback, which will comment on characterisation, voice, plotting, narrative drive and pace, scene setting, dialogue and story arc, and also point out any systemic problems with the text.

We would then arrange a two night stay at my Writers’ Retreat, located in the sylvan setting of West Wales, near the picturesque village of Cenarth. I will provide some preparatory reading prior to the visit.

 On the evening of your arrival I’ll get to know you, and establish your approach to writing and your individual writing pattern, and I’ll be able to explain the methods I deploy in the editorial process.

On the following morning, we would then jointly attempt an initial edit of around 50 pages, which you would complete during the afternoon. Next day we would continue with another block edit, along similar lines. Before you leave that afternoon, I would then provide guidance on further necessary edits, and suggestions to do with shaping the novel. I am always keen not to interfere with an author’s individual voice, as it is the authorial voice which, more often than not, will make the impact necessary to gain a publisher’s attention.

Following your visit, we would continue to correspond by email and telephone as the manuscript develops. When the manuscript is at the final draft stage, after approximately six months, there would be the opportunity to visit the Retreat once again, for a one day visit , to enable us to go through the submissions procedure.

The accommodation at Cenarth is in a very comfortable two bedroom cedar lodge, with all facilties, including galley kitchen, shower room bedding and towels, a range of breakfast options, and a choice of teas, coffees and drinking chocolate.  All other meals and refreshments will be provided in my nearby lodge home.

The fee for this service, including both stays, will be £750. Because of the personal approach that is involved in this ongoing service, I will only be able to commit to a maximum of eight authors per year.

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