This is the basic entry-level service that involves me assessing the first 30 pages of a novel. Such sample pages, from the beginning of the novel, should be in Word format, and 1.5 or double spaced. From my experience of handling thousands of debut authors' fiction over the last fifteen years, it is more often than not the case that any systemic problems within a novel will reveal themselves within these opening pages. The opening pages of any novel are vital in grounding the novel and establishing an early narrative. If these early pages do not appeal or make a mark, then neither agent, nor editor, will be willing to plough through the remainder of the novel in order to see if your writing eventually redeems itself.

Effectively, this Basic Level service would suit any author who is about to start submitting his/her work to agents/editors, as the opening pages, synopsis, and a covering letter form the submissions package.

I will focus on the elements of characterisation, dialogue, telling as opposed to showing, scene-setting, plot, and narrative flow and pace. If you also attach a one-page synopsis, I will comment on the story arc. The aim is to help authors to arrive at a point where they can confidently submit their work to the publishing world.

When I come across any technical issues I will highlight them, and then provide suggestions for the author to consider, when the time comes to redrafting his/her work. I believe strongly in self-editing as a powerful tool for the author to utilise, particularly if such self-editing is guided and informed by objective feedback from me. The process of self-editing will not only improve the manuscript at hand, but will also inform all future writing projects.

I will provide a limited, but hopefully useful reading list, to which I may refer in the feedback, especially where I feel the author may need further information or explanation. As part of the feedback service, I will also provide up to fifteen minutes of telephone contact to enable any author to ask questions or seek further advice; such sessions to be arranged at mutually convenient times. Once I receive your work, I will guarantee to reply within five days, possibly sooner.

With all my services, I aim to give good value for money, and I trust you will find my fees extremely competitive and the service highly professional. The fee for this service is a standard £100 sterling. If this option suits your requirements, then once you have confirmed your choice with me by email, I will provide you with a start date, and details of how to pay the fee by bank transfer.


Submit fifty pages of text to me, about a fifth of a standard novel, in Word format, 1.5 or double spaced, with a brief covering letter, and a one-page synopsis. This expanded service will be charged at a standard £140 sterling.  I will provide you with a written report which will cover the main features of a novel; characterisation, narrative flow and pace, narrative voice, dialogue, plotting, scene-setting, and writing style. That should help you to focus on those areas which may need extra attention in any subsequent self-editing. Where appropriate, I will conduct a line by-line-edit where I identify any systemic issues - this will allow the author to focus on any grammatical or punctuation problems, which will need to be addressed prior to submitting to agents/editors.  I will also provide general advice on how to approach agents and publishers, and a Reading List to help you in the self-editing process. I will reply within 14 working days. Additionally, following receipt of my report, I offer a one-to-one telephone consultation, of up to 30 minutes duration, to discuss any issues. There will be no extra fee for this consultation. However, such consultation will have to be booked in advance to ensure that the appropriate time is available.

As above, once you have chosen this option, then let me know by email, and I will furnish you with a start date, and ask that you forward me the required attachments before this start date. I guarantee feedback within fourteen working days of that start date. I will also provide you with details of payment of the fee by bank transfer.


I also offer a bespoke editorial service that would involve substantive as well as line-by-line editing. This might involve help in shaping the novel, but will in no way interfere with your particular “voice”. I never attempt to change the authorial voice, because that is what will make your novel yours, and yours alone. This service is offered via email correspondence and, where appropriate, supplemented by a 30-minute telephone consultation. The cost of this service will depend on the length of the novel.

Complete Draft Assessment of up to 49,999 words - £300 (includes 30-minute telephone consultation by arrangement)

Complete Draft Assessment of 50,00 to 79,999 words - £450 (includes 30-minute telephone consultation by arrangement)

Complete Draft Assessment of 80,000 to 100,000 words - £600 (includes 30-minute telephone consultation by arrangement.

Complete Draft Assessment of novels in excess of 100,000 words, will need to be individually priced.

Please contact me by email to confirm that this option is your choice, and I will then be able to confirm a date when I can commence, and forecast how long the project may take to complete. At this stage, I will also confirm the fee and provide you with payment details.

These services are offered to authors, agents, and publishers alike.


Because of the specialized process for the submission of non-fiction proposals, I would like said proposal forwarded to me in Word format, 1.5 or double spaced, including research detail, specialist knowledge of the author, intended market, contents page, and a sample chapter. I would then provide feedback on the format, wording, and presentation of the same, likely readership and potential publishers. If the proposal is particularly strong, with good supporting evidence and research, and is well written, I may be able to effect introductions immediately. A basic fee of £120 is charged for this feedback and advisory service.



For authors who would appreciate a concentrated period of writing activity in the sylvan surroundings of West Wales, I offer both three-day and week-long packages of accommodation, with or without editorial support, all on a self-catering basis. Alternatively, the lodge can accommodate artists, photographers, musicians, composers, or anyone seeking a creative atmosphere in which to pursue a project.

The lodge, situated just outside the picturesque village of Cenarth ( with the only museum in the world dedicated to the Coracle fishing boat) has the following accommodation; two double bedrooms, and one single; computer, printer, and wi-fi connection; a library of books devoted to creative writing, art history and photography; some 1,000 plus DVD's ( mainly world cinema), 500 VHS tapes ( mainly opera, classical music, art history) and some 200 plus CD's ( classical, folk, rock, jazz, world); the lodge also has a very comfortable lounge with large screen TV, DVD, and video equipment, and a good quality audio system; a galley kitchen with oven, fridge and microwave, and a bathroom with shower, completes the package.

I emphasise that this is not meant as simply holiday accommodation, but also as a creative space for use by anyone needing a  quiet, supportive environment for writing, research, or for any of the many creative activities in the broad realm of the arts.

The fee for three days, with editorial support every day, would be £350, whilst for seven days, again with daily editorial support, it would be £600. The rental of the accommodation alone must be for a minimum of five days at £250, rising to £350 for seven days, and £400 per week in peak season, July and August.

Electricity is metered and is paid separately via a card system at the standard rate. All bedding and towels provided.

For details, please see,


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