Submit fifty pages of text to me, with a brief covering letter and a one page synopsis. This initial service will be charged at a standard £80. I will provide you with a formatted report which will cover the main features of a novel; characterisation, narrative flow and pace, narrative voice, dialogue, plotting, scene setting and writing style. That should help you to focus on those areas which may need extra attention. I will also provide you with some general advice on how to approach agents and publishers, and a Reading List to help you in the self editing process. Your submission must be via email with the required fifty pages attached as a Word file. I will reply within 10 working days.


I also offer a bespoke editorial service which would involve substantive editing. This might involve helping in shaping the novel, and will in no way interfere with your particular “voice”. I never attempt to change the authorial voice, because that is what will make your novel yours, and yours alone. This service is offered via email correspondence and, where appropriate, supplemented by telephone contact. The cost of this service will depend on the length of the novel and whether partial or full assessment is warranted. Minimum cost would be £250, rising to a maximum of £650

This service is offered to authors, agents and publishers alike.


Because of the specialized process for the submission of non fiction proposals, I would like said proposal forwarded to me in Word format, including research detail, if appropriate, specialist knowledge of author, intended market., contents page and sample chapter. I would then provide feedback on the format, wording and presentation of same, likely readership and potential publishers. If the proposal is particularly strong, with good supportive evidence and research, and is well written, I may be able to effect introductions immediately. A basic fee of £80 is charged for this feedback and advisory service.



For authors who would appreciate a concentrated period of writing activity in the sylvan surroundings of West Wales, I offer week-long packages of accommodation, with or without editiorial support, in a timber lodge designed for the use of writers, artists, photographers, musicians, composers, or anyone seeking a creative atmosphere in which to pursue a project. The lodge, situated just outside the picturesque village of Cenarth ( with the only museum in the world dedicated to the Coracle fishing boat) has the following accommodation; two double bedrooms; computer and printer, wi-fi connection, and a library of books devoted to creative writing, art history and photography; some 1,000 plus DVD's ( mainly world cinema), 500 VHS tapes ( mainly opera, classical music, art history) and some 1,000 plus CD's ( classical, folk, rock, jazz, world); the lodge also has a very comfortable lounge with large screen TV, dvd and video equipment, and a top of the range audio system; a galley kitchen with oven, fridge and microwave, and a bathroom with shower, completes the package.

Depending on time of year, the weekly rate is from £150 to £400. If my involvement is wished for with editorial help on fiction works, then the charge would be an additional £400 per week. Please enquire as to available dates, as my consultancy work does involve periods when I am unavailable . Lower rates would apply for stays longer than seven days. All bed linen and towels provided; self catering, as no meals provided. For creative people who may need additional time to work on a project in a really peaceful and inspiring setting, then subject to availability, long term bookings can be arranged. Telepohone 01239 612001 if you wish to discuss special terms and availability.

If an author wished for editorial assistance on a novel (or non fiction work), then I would request a draft manuscript to be forwarded me at least a month prior to any stay to enable me to make a full assessment. The accommodation is not available during the months of January and February. I have so far assisted authors from Canada, across Europe and Britain, who have availed themselves of this service.

I must emphasise that this is not meant as holiday accommodation, but is designed for use of individuals involved in the creative arts, and I ask that anyone interested provide me with an outline of their project, and a summary of what they would hope to achieve by the end of their stay.

To relax, there are plenty of beaches nearby and excellent walking opportunities in the Preselli Hills or on the coastal paths of Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.

For those on limited income I am prepared to consider a percentage reduction on all charges.

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