“Getting a first novel published is tough, and it takes tenacity, patience, self-belief and a refusal to be deterred by inevitable setbacks. An author also needs a champion, someone who has all the above qualities and more; someone who believes in your work as much as you would like to believe in it yourself. There aren’t many such people around, but one of them is David Llewelyn.

The Breaking of Eggs by Jim Powell

When we first talked, I had collected eighty rejection slips from agents. David was a Reader for Conville and Walsh, with the unenviable task of trawling through the infamous slush pile for neglected diamonds. He was extraordinarily good at it. He picked up my novel, The Breaking Of Eggs but failed, at that point, to get any agents interested. He then did what I believe no other reader in the country would have been prepared to do. He continued to battle on my behalf, without reward, for a full year, until he found a taker. Without his bloody-mindedness, The Breaking of Eggs would probably not have been published.

Getting a second novel published is often no easier. I did struggle with my second novel, initially in terms of content, later with characterisation. David was an endless source of encouragement and ideas throughout this period. David suggested detailed and practical ways of improving it. My second novel, Trading Futures was then published in the spring of 2016 by Picador. Again, without David’s involvement, that may not have happened.

David Llewelyn will not take on authors unless he has belief in the quality of their writing. Unlike other consultants he will not pocket your money and give little in return. It may still not work, of course, but you will never get less than 100 per cent commitment from him.”

Jim Powell, October 2015

Helen Garnons WilliamsDavid Llewelyn has a brilliant eye for spotting talent and a wonderfully deft hand when it comes to helping writers find their voice and hone their work. His passion for good writing is infectious, and his inimitable blend of frankness, encouragement and support would be a boon to any aspiring author

Helen Garnons Williams - Publishing Director
4th Estate, Harper Collins

Susan ArmstrongHaving worked with David for close to ten years, I can say with great confidence that he is one of the sharpest editors I know, and has an exceptional eye for spotting new talent.

He has a rare insider's knowledge of how an agency works, and if he ever tells me that he has found something special, then I know that's exactly what it will be. Any writer who is looking for a long term career would be incredibly fortunate to work with David on their book.

Susan Armstrong - Senior Agent

Conville And Walsh

Jo UnwinDavid has the most brilliant eye, picking out exceptional authors from the so-called “slushpile” time and again.  But there's so much more to him than that. He is able to see what's working and what isn't, what needs to be done to bring writing to the place where an agent can look at it with real interest. If Dave recommends something to me, it goes straight to the top of my reading pile.

Jo Unwin - Independent Agent

Kevin Conroy ScottDavid is one of the most kind hearted and skilled talent spotters in the publishing industry. Whenever he tells me that he is excited about a new writer, I immediately stop what I am doing and start reading

Kevin Conroy Scott

Tibor Jones And Associates Agency

I owe everything to David. He was my first champion, and it was his support and advice that kickstarted my transformation from aspiring writer to successful author. His judgement is impeccable, his enthusiasm tireless, and his wisdom and knowledge second to none. He remains the first person I seek to impress with my writing and I treasure his friendship above all.

Stephen Kelman - Pigeon English

Man Booker shortlist, Bloomsbury, 2011

I really couldn't have done it without you

Alan Bilton, The Sleepwalkers' Ball

Alcemi, 2009

Juliet ButlerDavid has the wonderful talent of unerringly recognizing a great story in the raw.  He instinctively knows what readers are going to love, whatever the genre. When he comes upon a manuscript that he knows has potential, he is the proverbial British bulldog, and won't stop worrying at it until he and the author have it in the shape he knows will sell. Well.

I was rejected by multiple agents until David read my manuscript, and after working on it with me for two years, he bypassed the “gatekeepers”, who didn't want it, and took it straight to a major publisher, who loved it. "If David reads your manuscript and likes it, you are charmed".

Juliet Butler,  The Less You Know The Sounder You Sleep

4th Estate, August 2017

David saw promise in this novel years before it grew into itself. He encouraged me to persevere and I owe him my thanks

Ariella Cohen , Sweet Breath of Memory

Kensington Books (USA), 2016

Without David Llewelyn I would have been dead in the water. Finished. There comes a moment, for even the most determined author, when there has been one too many rejections and disappointments. David breathed life back into me and my writing. At my previous literary agency, the fabulous Tibor Jones, he is known as "The Book Whisperer". It is a title well-earned. Get this incredible man of words on your side, and you stand a chance. He makes dreams come true.

ALEXANDER LESTER, Le Pays des hommes blesses

Denoel, France, 2017

Between the writing of a first book and the finding of its publisher, there will be someone you've never met who becomes special because he is the first person to respond positively. For me that person was the professional reader, David Llewelyn, a man with the kind of enthusiasm that brooks no self doubts

William Guy, The I Love You Book

Salt, Cambridge, 2008

Brenda SquiresSomewhere along the way a writer needs the help of a guide and editor. For me, David is one such person. He is an astute talent spotter and editor. He is committed to good writing and has a tireless capacity to work with writers. In my own case I had virtually given up on a book, which had done the rounds without finding a publisher. David helped me understand why, and worked closely with me over months to get it ready to send out again, this time successfully.

Brenda Squires , For the Love of Geli Raubal

Parthian Books, 2016

You gave me a hell of a lot to think about, as well as work to do on my novel. It was a great master class.

Jim Bowen, aspiring author, 2017

 It was you who spotted me at the very beginning of this journey, and helped to give me the confidence to write the whole story, and believed in it when others said it had no place in the market. I hope you realise that you are a breath of fresh air to us writers.

Alison White, author of Letter to Louis,

published by Faber, spring 2018

Thanks to your reader's report, you gave me the courage to keep going, and here, at last, is my book.

Bruce Trzebinski, The Elephant Dropping

self published, 2013

Please accept my book as an expression of my gratitude for your confirmation of what I knew.

Poppy Ann Miller, Bed of Black Flowers

self published, 2014

You championed my script when I sent you fifty pages last year, and I am grateful to you for that.

Peter Carr, The Egg Dance

self published, White Row, 2015

You were ever so kind in sending me a small sum to offset the costs. Out of 500 copies printed, I have now sold 400 in 12 months.

Greg Allum, The Sail

self published, Short Run Press, 2010


Also, thank you to.....David Llewelyn who read edits of the manuscript and made insightful suggestions.

Richard Hines, No Way But Gentlenesse

Bloomsbury, 2016

Thanks also to David Llewelyn.

Peter Nichols, The Rocks

Heron Books, 2015

David Llewelyn saw promise in this book years before it grew into itself. He encouraged me to persevere and I owe him my thanks.

Ariella Cohen, Sweet Breath od Memory

Kensington Books, USA, 2016

David Llewelyn, literary scout and editor, helped breathe life into the story.

Brenda Squires, The Love of Geli Raubal

Parthian, 2016

To David Llewelyn, literary consultant, without whose persistence Dasha's story would never have been told.

Juliet Butler, The Less You Know The Sounder You Sleep

Fourth Estate, 2017

To David Llewelyn and my mum Pamela Rodwell, who formed the core support group who made this happen. Thanks for everything.

Tam Rodwell, Daredevil Dads

                           Crux Publishing, 2018


David is that rare thing in the literary world, a facilitator who knows the business inside out, but who has managed to retain his qualities as a human being.Once he has begun working with you on your book, he will automatically become a friend. From being an author writing in isolation, and often in despair, you will have found a companion on the journey who cares about the book as much as you do.                                                     

Lynn Bushell, Painted Ladies

Sandstone Press , Feb. 2019

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